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Cooking Fever is the game to try if you love cooking! Download Cooking Fever for PC today, free full version! Tips and cheats, ice cream bar, pizzeria! Cooking Fever - Gem Hack - Video games - 3. You can also score gems from the casino. If you bet 500 coins, you can get up to 15 gems. Apparently you can only get 15 gems every 24 hours at the casino and it costs 5,000 to 20,000 coins to get these. This is an expensive way to get gems especially towards the beginning when you don't have that many coins to spare. Gems | Cooking Fever Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

How to win 15 gems in the Casino in Cooking Fever

#8 Cooking Fever. Win Gems in the Casino. | Cooking Fever ... (FREE) Cooking Fever Generator. IMPORTANT: This is NOT a cheat or a hack.. it will not get you hundreds of gems easily.. This is just a little tip on how to actually win Gems in the Casino easily.. Just follow the instructions and it should work for you. 🙂 How to win 15 gems in the Casino in Cooking Fever.. 1. Click the Casino to open it. 2. How to play Cooking Fever "correctly" | yyrGames

You'll need many more coins if you're trying to win every 12 hours (between 25,000 and 80,000 coins to hit 15 gems a second time). Visit the Cooking Fever - How To Get More Gems for details. It is harder to earn the daily casino gems on days when the game is offering reduced prices for purchasing gems or other specials.

Players earn Gems as they play Cooking Fever. Gems can be used to purchase new restaurants and improve restaurants by buying kitchen and interior upgrades. Gems are also used to compete in Cooking Fever challenges and tournaments. Gems can be earned in the game or purchased with real money. Cooking Fever Cheats, Tips, & Tricks - Gazette Review Cooking Fever is a free mobile game where you manage the tasks of both chef and restaurant owner as you go from owning a simple fast food joint to an entire empire of virtual eateries. Casino | Cooking Fever Hack Online - Part 3 How to win 15 gems in the Casino in Cooking Fever.. 1. Click the Casino to open it. 2. Click the 500 bet button. 3. close the Casino by pressing the ‘x’ button BEFORE the wheels stop turning. 4. Open the Casino and repeat steps 2 and 3 until you win the gems.. ENJOY 🙂 On average I spend about 10,000-15,000ish coins to win my gems….

How to get 3 Diamonds in Cooking Fever : Trick & Tips

Casino | Cooking Fever Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia The Casino is unlocked on experience level 7. It costs 0 and 0 to open. The location of the Casino is in the City. The purpose of the Casino is for players to be able to win coins and gems. When making 500 bets, there are three possible wins: 600, 1000, and 15. Cooking Fever Cheats: 6 Tips and Tricks for more Gems &… Cooking Fever is a time management game that tests your ability to work under pressure. With RPG-style upgrades, frenzied action and fresh visualIf you are new to Cooking Fever, you may need a guide or walkthroughs to learn how to play it. As you continue playing, you will need some new tips...