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Permanent Pendant Slot Expansion Coupon; Transparent Equipment Covers; 2x EXP Coupon (1 Hour) (x6) 2x Drop Coupon (1 Hour) (x6) NOTE: Marvel Machine codes can only be redeemed in non-Reboot worlds. Click here to learn more! NOTE: Marvel Machine Spins can only be purchased with NX Prepaid. Get NX now! View on the Official Site

The Philosopher’s Book is back and better than ever, with four amazing new items including a Permanent Pendant Slot Expansion Coupon! Permanent Pendant Slot - Maplestory; Scroll Lock; Permanent Pendant Slot; ... Permanent Pendant Slot I will remember this day and sue Nexon the day my pendant slot expires and I will be ... Ayumilove MapleStory Permanent Pendant Slot (Ark Limited ... Permanent Pendant Slot - Ark Time Limited Sale 2018-05-25, 1900hrs - 2300 hrs (GMT+8) - MapleStory Cash Shop Subscribe for more videos: ... BasilMarket Permanent Pendant Slot Expansion Coupon? thread

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Maplestory Permanent Hyper Teleport Rock / Pendant Slot ... Maplestory Permanent Hyper Teleport Rock / Pendant Slot. Hello Nexon Representative: I was unable to parse the bit about EMS ("much more similar reason than you may imagine," what?) There was no reason given as to why GMS will not offer these again. In fact, he denies the only reason we (believed we) had been given, about NexonNA getting in ... Grand Athenaeum and "perma" 2nd pendant slot

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Maplestory character slots reboot; Popular Threads12 Slot Cotton Bag - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) Maplestory free character slots; I just started the game, and the only time I can use my biotic powers is when I hold Space bar and click on it. How do I make it so that I can press ..

Sep 27, 2017 ... Permanent Pendant Slot Expansion Coupon: Use this coupon to ... Miracle Circulators are sold for NX in non-Reboot worlds only, and for ...

Pendant Slot Exoansion ? General MapleStory Forum Talk about MapleStory ... it isnt permanent i think and also its under expansion slot Jan 06 2015. gotsomerice Level 130 Bera Phantom 4. wait till there's a perm one . Jan 06 2015. ShaddowLin Level 153 Bera Mechanic 4. ... pendant slots, and safety charms, rather than pay one larger price for a ... [Reboot] pendant slot expansion scroll : Maplestory - reddit [Reboot] pendant slot expansion scroll (self.Maplestory) submitted 3 years ago by jtmart007. I was looking over the reboot patch notes and I noticed that all expansion scrolls can be bought at NPC shops. Which shops have the pendant expansion scroll? The equipment panel of your character says it is sold in general stores but every one I have ... [Reboot] Where to get pendant slot and stamp scrolls ... Reboot kanna meso farming. ... the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor. and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. × 0. 0. 1 [Reboot] Where to get pendant slot and stamp scrolls? (self.Maplestory) submitted 3 years ago by AugmentedHeart. Basically the title. ... Pendant slot can be bought in the Henesy Pot Shop as well as ... Get a Permanent Pendant Slot in the Improved Philosopher’s ... April 20 to April 26 in the Special Promotions > Limited Time category in non-Reboot worlds only. The Philosopher’s Book is back and better than ever, with four amazing new items including a Permanent Pendant Slot Expansion Coupon!Use this coupon to permanently increase the number of pendant slots in your Equip inventory.